I'm Freak, and yes, it is okay to call me that. I have far too many fandoms, and I occasionally get cranky about politics and yell at people, and sometimes I write. Mostly I just reblog cute animals and cry about fictional characters.

22, she/her pronouns, as in "Freak realized nearly two months after her birthday that her blog still claimed she was 21".







you are now one day closer to eating your next plate of nachos

This is the most hopeful thing I’ve ever read.

what if I die tomorrow and never eat any nachos

then tomorrow is nacho lucky day

get out

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pizsnarkski replied to your post: The acknowledgements section of my the…

for a second i was like did she really put abbey fucking snarkski in her thesis and then i was like oh she probably edited it. unless you did. which makes pete immediately knowing it was me even funnier.

I did put your real last name in my actual thesis, but I think Pete would know that Abbey Fucking Snarkski was probably you.



is some creep trying to pester you into a relationship? are you ready to shut them out of your life once and for all and look cute as frick doing it? 

here’s a video to help you boot that sucker so far into the friendzone they’ll wish they’d never met you in the first place!

the subtle music in the background is what makes this

oh my god the narration so matter of fact

pizsnarkski replied to your post: pizsnarkski replied to your post:Also,…

ooooooooooookay. (i’m going to safeway do you need anything)

Bring me a goose!

(No, I’m fine. There are cookies when you get home.)